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We believe that design plays a key role in the success of a business. We help you telling your story with impact and emotion.

"I grew up and studied in France. My designer journey and life path took a significant turn when I had the opportunity to get an internship with the star designer of Los Angeles, Kelly Wearstler. As an entrepreneur, mother, and talented designer, Kelly built an empire by breaking the norms of design and turning her name into an international brand. Beyond this professional experience, I discovered a new world in the United States—a creative energy, kindness towards entrepreneurship, and ambitions mindset. This period reshaped my vision of design, business, storytelling, and the impact it could have on a company's success.

After completing my studies, I dreamt of an agency experience to immerse myself in the ecosystem of complex projects and work daily alongside experienced designers.

I landed my first job in an internationally renowned digital design agency in Los Angeles. There, I truly found my calling and quickly became passionate about creating websites, brand strategy, and branding.

This experience immersed me in a demanding environment that requires proportionate strength and daily innovation. I worked for Silicon Valley giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Warner Bros studio.

All these companies shared two things: the importance of design and the willingness to take risks. We developped design strategies for startups putting design at the core of their approach, and after our collaboration, they successfully raised millions of dollars in funding.

My experience in the US taught me to think big. I understood that nothing is impossible when you set a goal and pursue it with passion.

Back in France and with a project in mind for several months, I decided to combine my passion for design and cosmetics and ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding Utopy. A haircare brand that brings performance and sensory dimensions to natural products.

This experience brought me to the other side of the mirror, that of managing a company with growth and evolution goals. It greatly impacted my design activity, my approach, and my ability to understand my clients, their challenges, and issues.

Having experienced emotional roller coasters as an entrepreneur, I know that design must be a strategic and competitive advantage, not a headache.

 I want to offer are all the tools you need to navigate and manage your business in its digital presence, on the internet, and in the world. We deliver turnkey solutions that allow you to be autonomous and not rely daily on web developers or time-consuming tools.

My mission is to accompany you in creating your visual identity, brand strategy, and website but, more importantly, to guide you with kindness in this process to imagine all the graphic tools necessary to communicate about your project."

Victoria Dolmatova is a designer and an entrepreneur specialized in branding, brand strategy, and web design. Trained in the United States after working with major startups in Silicon Valley, her life journey and this experience have shaped her work and vision of design as a powerful strategic tool.

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  • Royal Award 2023

  • ​Cannes Bear 2023

  • The Deck, Best Independent
    Agencies 2023

  • Digital Awards 2023

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